What is a Cuckold & What is Cuckolding

Depending who you ask, you will get many different answers to the question “What is cuckolding”. The basic explanation of cuckolding is when a man, wants his significant other (usually wife or girlfriend) to sleep with another man. Every cuckold has a different opinion and fetish regarding how they would like to be “cucked”. Some cuckold’s like humiliation – where the female makes the male feel inadequate compared to the bull. Cuckold’s who enjoy humiliation are into penis size humiliation, financial humiliation, masculinity humiliation, and other types of humiliation. Other types of cuckold want nothing to do with cuckold humiliation. They prefer to chose who their woman sleeps with and set rules for the hook-up. Some people refer to this form of cuckolding as a “hotwife” or “hotwifing”. Some cuckold’s just like to see their significant other perform, as if they were a pornstar. To go along with this cuckold’s that just like to watch and hear about them being cucked usually just like knowing that their significant other was satisfied. So as you can see there are many different forms of cuckolding. Deciding which one is right for you is usually a question to ask your partner. The very broad summary of cuckolding is “Somebody who likes to see their wife/girlfriend sleep with somebody else. If you’re interested in getting some cuckold ideas, check out our section of cuckold porn.