First Cuckquean Experience – Trying to Remain “Uninvolved”

You’ll have to excuse this account of my experience. I’m no poet and I really have no clue where to even start. I guess I could start here: I told my husband I wanted to see him fuck another woman. I scouted on various social sites and apps, looking for just the right girl. Single women are difficult to find, and even harder to trust. I had been led-on and stood up. The search was tedious and required a lot of diligence and persistence. I found myself questioning if my standards were set too high, or if I was simply looking for something that I wasn’t going to find.

My husband introduced me to Reddit a little over a month ago, and I feel like I’ve had the best luck with redditors. The groups of people that frequent here seem to be typically up-front and know what they are looking for. I was messaged by a cute girl who thought we (meaning she and my husband) might be compatible for a good time. I’d had quite a few messaging conversations, but nothing that had become fruitful. I wanted to experience the true cuckquean fantasy. I wanted to be completely sexless and watch as my husband enjoyed another woman’s body and gave her the pleasure that he normally gives only to me. The only variation was that he and i didn’t place a strong emphasis on degradation or humiliation. The thought of sharing him, only to have him come back to me and hold me close to him again, was thrilling. Only a couple of months ago, the thought would have frustrated and irritated me. But now, somehow, it made my heart beat a little faster and my panties a little wetter. Why the change of heart? I’m not sure I can say, but I’m definitely glad that I allowed enough control to slip out of my hands to make it happen.

This was not my first time seeing my husband with another woman. We had played full-swap same-room with another couple. Still, the prospect of not being involved added an exciting extra element. I imagined how everything would go in my head a hundred times, and every time it was different. There were so many elements and facets of the scenario that I wanted to try! But of course, you can’t do EVERYTHING in one night. I hoped that she would be cool enough to invite back for more sessions to fulfill more fantasies. After speaking with her, I knew she had a few of her own too! I loved the conversation leading up to the meeting. I get to hear so many different sides of so many stories. Failures, disappointments, successes, and surpassed expectations…its really very interesting. Anyway, we met the couple (one rule was that her bf was present) to verify that we all were who we said we were. I wasn’t anticipating another non-participant, but I wasn’t entirely opposed. I understood their point of view in respect to both safety and commemoration of the event. Her boyfriend and I both wanted to film/photograph our respective significant others in the act of carnal pleasure with another person. We found common ground in our interests.

We met them, and I was so pleasantly surprised by their personalities and physiques! They were both very smart, cordial, sexual, and fun. I could tell my husband wanted to please me and he seemed eager to touch her as soon as she was comfortable. He is typically very respectful of boundaries (at least the first time 😉 ) so he didn’t initiate contact. But once her bf suggested we get started, (a signal that I interpreted as a sign that he felt the experience was legit and safe) everything got rolling rather quickly after that. As I watched my husband help undress her, I found myself firmly believing that I had made the right decision. She was strikingly beautiful and everything that I could have asked to find for him. She sat in his lap in a chair across from the couch that I was on, and I felt myself completely turned on with no traces of jealousy or possessiveness. I am bisexual, and it was difficult to remain a viewer and not cross the line into “participant”.

Originally I looked for a straight woman because I wanted someone who was solely interested in pleasing my husband and not in me. I am very very sexual, and dominant when it comes to women. I had my trusty Canon in my hand, and I think I made it through at least 30 minutes of filming/watching before I touched her (my perception of time could have been totally skewed at this point, I’m not sure). She touched me back.

My husband wasn’t disappointed.

I thoroughly enjoyed her body and my husband’s as we played. She was soft, sweet, and willing to let us both explore her beautiful physique. She was very submissive to us both, and I think it really set the stage for future play where I can feel more comfortable taking an even MORE dominant role. First meetings are always somewhat cautious as you test limits and break new ground. I never anticipated getting involved…much less becoming a circus act.

For some time my husband has enjoyed making me squirt and filling me just about as much as I can take. We have talked often about DP and DV and how I would like to explore those avenues. I am petite, so this requires a lot of trust and training on my end. It won’t be easy. At one point, our girl was fingering me, and said, “I think I can fit my whole fist in there.” I was quite loose after so much stimulation and squirting. I encouraged her. I can’t say I’ve ever felt anything quite like it. So much pressure, pleasure and intensity all wrapped into one! She explored some fresh avenues also. My husband made her squirt, which was something that she had limited experience with. We all got to do something new and fantastic! I’m a regular squirter and he made me squirt in her face, which turned me on like crazy! Could it get better?

She left with a smile on her face, (despite being a little sore) so I think all involved had a good time. Her bf was very considerate. I’m pretty sure he got some great footage, and I can’t wait to see it! We played for several hours, indulging in pleasures I hadn’t in a while. Work schedules and early-rising limited our play time on both ends of the equation. But, I think that overall everyone was very pleased with the encounter. I hope to have many more encounters of this caliber with people of equal sexiness and personality!

After they left, my husband and I reclaimed one another. Reasserting ourselves as rightful owners of each others’ bodies. Every experience makes the reclamation THAT much more powerful, and I feel more closely connected to him every day. I truly love exploring this side of both of us together.

I am still going to pursue the true cuckquean fantasy. Just because I gave in THIS time, doesn’t mean I will next time! I am determined to watch him fuck another woman and remain completely uninvolved!