Drunk Girlfriend Fucks Friend While I “Sleep”

Yesterday my girlfriend went out with her friend, I had to get up early today for work so I didn’t join them. She was wearing an incredibly sexy tight pink dress that showed the outlines of her strapless bra and her toned tummy. They came back late but also with a guy, and she knocked on the bedroom door but I wanted to get some rest for today so I pretended I was asleep. They went into the living room and closed the door, but I could still hear them well enough and it was obvious they were all pretty drunk and they were still drinking. My girlfriend was giggling a lot and the tone of her voice was pretty flirtatious, and I could hear her saying things like “stop, he’s in the next room”. Then her friend and the guy shushed her and it went silent for a few seconds. I focused to listen what was going on and then I heard the unmistakable sound of two people kissing. At first I thought it was my girl and her friend, but I could her that friend cheering them on softly. I quietly got out of bed and listened next to the door and I could hear her moan ever so gently, and the kissing sounds kept going. The other girl broke it up for a moment and I thought that was that, but I heard her say goodbye to both of them and she slipped outside almost silently. With just the two of them left, I could hear them much more clearly. They were still going at it and I could hear how they were making out lovingly, both of them moaning and giggling. I sat down on the floor next to the door while they were kissing and who knows what else in the room beside me, and it went on for a pretty long time. At some point I heard her gasp loudly, mumble something about condoms but then her voice was muffled out by a soft, long moan of pleasure. The guy, too, did his best to keep his groans silent but I could hear them slowly get into a rhythm. The kissing continued but now mixed with more moaning and near silent encouragements from her. For little over half an hour they kept at it and I was surprised they managed to keep it so quiet for so long, and I’m pretty sure my girlfriend came halfway through already and he had covered her mouth to muffle her moans. I couldn’t hear it all clearly but I definitely started to notice the sounds of her taking his dick inside her at an increasing pace, and both their moans and groans were getting more ragged. Eventually she moaned what I think was “no, don’t” and it was clear that he came right then. One short groan was pretty loud but the rest were muffled by my girlfriend’s kisses, shortly followed by a very long range of moans on her part. They didn’t stop even then and continued to make out and after a few more minutes I heard her giggle and thank him. When I realized the guy was getting ready to leave, I rushed back to bed. They made out some more in the hallway and I clearly heard him ask “see you tomorrow?” and she just half-moaned a yes in response. She came into the bedroom immediately when he left, tossed her dress on the floor and crawled into bed next to me and gave me a kiss on my cheek. Within moments she was fast asleep and I couldn’t stop thinking about her just taking cock minutes ago. Eventually I couldn’t take it anymore and checked if she was deep asleep, which she definitely was. Even after shoving her a little she didn’t wake, so I threw the bed sheets aside and saw she was wearing one of her very sexy black thongs. I didn’t even hesitate to lie down between her legs. Her thong was a little sticky with the guy’s cum as I pulled it away and with my heart racing in my chest I ate my girlfriend out who had just been filled up by god knows who. As I’m posting this she’s still out with the same friend, but she did say she might stay over at her place. Of course I know exactly what the guy asked her and how she responded, so they’re probably still fucking right now at his place. Source: Reddit user C1026